Construction Specialization

A better way to build your business.

The construction industry has its own range of complexities from a tax and business structure perspective.

Our Expertise


Numerous Clientele
At Progression Group we act for a number of medium-sized construction companies and as a result of these associations we have been exposed to the tax and business-related issues that are peculiar to the industry.  This exposure has allowed us to work through the issues and develop solutions for our clients.


Proactive Action
We understand that the construction industry is an industry which works on tight margins and tight deadlines.  Therefore, we know that we need to be proactive with our advice and assistance to ensure that when can add value where and when it is required and not after the fact.


Solid Foundations
As with any construction project good foundations are required to enable solid growth.  So whether it is a small one-off construction job or a multi-million dollar project spanning a number of years we can provide advice around tax effectiveness and asset protection to ensure that profit is maximised and risk is minimised.

From an annual revenue of $60k to $12m over 10 years.

$0 Tax

Our client paid no tax in the sale of their business, thanks to our innovative, legal approach using Small Business Capital Gains Tax Concessions.

A public company made an approach to take-over my business. I left all the negotiations to Progression Group. The deal was structured in such a fashion that we were able to access the Small Business Capital Gains Tax Concessions. Imagine that – selling your business for a multimillion dollar profit and not having to pay one cent in tax.

Jon Amiss
Former Owner, CDS Gourmet Foods