About Us

Business improvement and wealth creation.

Progression Group is a team of experienced and qualified business practitioners that do not just focus on tax. Established in 1979, we offer a range of business improvement and wealth creation services that are essential in accomplishing your goals.

“Progression Group's professionalism, common sense and sheer decency is always greatly appreciated and we look forward to more exciting years working together.”

- Bintani Australia Pty Ltd,
The Meddings Family
Our Attitude to
Quality Assurance
Progression Group are recognised for their exceptionally high standards of quality - in particular its personnel, service and processes.
CPA Australia
To retain our CPA standing, it is compulsory for Progression Group to participate in CPA Australia's regular Quality Assurance Review. In our most recently conducted review, it was stated: "...I must congratulate you all on the presentation of your practice... (and the) overall consistency in...professionalism. I am sure the clients welcome the standards you have set."

...The Quality Assurance Review for each file is excellent and the firm must be congratulated on its foresight on implementation.... Supervision of staff seemed to be of a high standard and it was noted that most professional staff were encouraged to develop an area of specialisation.

CPA Australia Quality Assurance Review

We are more than just tax...

Upfront Fixed Fee Engagements
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We have a policy of upfront pricing on as much of our work as possible. This provides you with certainty of cost, clarity of the scope, absence of surprises and control of the process resting with you.
Formal Board Advisory Service
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Let Progression Group drive corporate governance within your business. Clients who utilise this service enjoy structured meetings, real solutions, easy to understand reports and formalised minutes (with follow up action). This guarantees value at each meeting. Whether it is monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, our Board Advisory Services don't just focus on business performance, but include over 40 critical business items required to be reviewed and monitored for guaranteed annual success.
Individually Tailored Tax Planning Solutions
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Assessing the vast opportunities prior to the conclusion of each financial year ensures our clients are not only confident that their taxation debt is minimised, but are also well aware 12 months in advance what any likely liability will be.
In-House SMSF Specialists
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We have our own Self Managed Superannuation Fund experts who can explain the options available to you in respect to investing through Superannuation. Many clients are now taking advantage of borrowing and acquiring property through Superannuation to assist in meeting their retirement objectives.
In-House Financial Planning Division
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Our financial planning partners, FMD Advisory Services Pty Ltd help define and articulate what is important to you.  FMD Advisory Services Pty Ltd (AFSL No 232977) authorises FMD Financial to provide financial advice on a wide range of financial products including:
Basic deposit products
Debentures, bonds, term deposits etc issued by a government or APRA regulated institution
Managed investment schemes (managed funds)
ASX listed shares and other ASX listed securities
Life insurance investment products and life risk insurance products
ASX listed shares and other ASX listed securities
Click here to find out more about FMD Financial.
Access to Finance
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Progression Finance have formed a strategic alliance with a major and well established leading referral based solutions provider. Volume borrowing levels entitle our clientele to participate in discounted finance products.

Solutions include preferably priced residential, investment and commercial lending through the major financiers including NAB, Westpac, CBA and ANZ.
In-House Bookkeeping / Cloud Conversion Division
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We now offer bookkeeping training and troubleshooting services. In addition to this, Progression Group actively assists all clients in converting their existing accounting software into the cloud (MYOB and Xero).

We are actively encouraging as many clients as possible to convert to cloud accounting (in particular Xero and MYOB) which makes tax planning a lot more seamless as your up-to-date and reconciled data is readily available for us to review and provide advice.
Published Service Standards
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We believe it is important to be transparent and consistent with the services we provide. This is why we guarantee to meet the following service standards:
All Telephone calls returned within 24 hours.
All ATO/ASIC correspondence received on your behalf to be redirected with an explanatory letter within 2 days of receipt.
Completion of Annual Compliance work within 4 – 6* weeks of receipt of information.
* note peak v non peak
Any service you may not be 100% satisfied with will be subject to a formal review within 2 hours of Progression Group being notified.