Property Development Specialization

Build a strong foundation

With the dramatic increase in property values in Melbourne and surrounding areas in the past few years, we are seeing an increase in the number of clients looking to develop existing land they hold or looking to buy property with a plan to develop.

We'll be on the lookout so...
You can avoid the pitfalls.
While on the surface these developments can seem quite straightforward our experience has shown that the process is strewn with potential pitfalls.
Great Advice
So, whether your development is 2 units or two hundred we can provide detailed and ongoing advice around issues such as structure, capital gains versus revenue gains, GST and the application of main residence exemptions where appropriate.
Start Early
Just as your buildings will require a solid base to work with we believe that it is better to engage with us in the early stages of the project to ensure that the correct structure is in place to ensure the best tax and GST outcome at the end of the project.