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Finance Procurement 

In this current environment, obtaining finance is a relatively simple exercise providing serviceability is proven and the borrower has a reasonably clean credit rating. 

Choosing the appropriate product and financier however can be a much more complex exercise if the decision is not given due consideration. This is where Progression Group can assist through our wholly owned subsidiary, Progression Finance Pty Ltd. 

Any borrower who is interested in spending a few minutes being explained the difference in terms such as "comparison rate", "flat rate" and "effective rate" in reference to computing interest is prudent enough to realise there is a substantial dollar to be saved when approaching any lending deal. 

Progression Finance have formed a strategic alliance with a major and well established leading referral based solutions provider. Volume borrowing levels entitle Progression Group clientele to participate in discounted finance products.

Solutions include preferably priced residential, investment and commercial lending through major financiers.

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What Our Clients Say

A few years ago business became really tight. We were under constant pressure and could really feel the heat building as cashflow became tighter with rising fuel prices and labour costs.

– Brian Harper, Director, Region Peak Transport Pty Ltd

An opportunity presented for me to buy into a business. Whilst I knew the industry, I didn’t know where to start in terms of determining what the business was worth and how I could protect myself and my family.

– Nick Stehr, Director, Healthcare Lifting Specialists Pty Ltd

Thank you Progression Group for caring, assisting in obtaining some restitution and saving our business. We now have the tightest internal control mechanisms of any business!

– Timothy Eagle, Director, Eagle & Stork Plumbing Pty Ltd

Progression Group acted for my business from when it was a small outlet in Coburg turning over $60,000 through to when we sold the business 10 years on, turning over $12m from a large commercial premise based in Brunswick.

– Jon Amiss, Former Owner, CDS Gourmet Foods

As sole Director, I continue to meet with Progression Group on a quarterly basis to review our business performance. Establishing budgets and constantly monitoring actual results guarantees business success.

– Simon Best, Director, SBV Pty Ltd trading as Barry Plant (Mitchell Shire)


Our Core Values

BALANCE – Doing what is required to remain inspired
RESPECT – Behaving with honesty, integrity and care
EDUCATION – Delivering innovative, practical and effective solutions
PRIDE – Our commitment to excellence in who we are, what we do and how we do it
SHARING – Connect the dots to benefit others

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